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Growth Track is THE way to learn all there is to know about The Avenue Church. Over the course of four sessions, you will find out what makes up the culture of The Avenue. In Step 1, you'll discover WHAT we believe and learn our core vision and values. Then, in Step 2, find out WHO we are and how we came to be. Thirdly, discover WHERE you fit in at The Avenue through Step 3. Finally, (once Steps 1-3 are all completed) you will be officially placed on your Dream Team and connect with your Dream Team Leader in HOW we get to serve - Step 4. Steps 1 - 3 can be completed in any order but must ALL be completed before coming to Step 4.

Growth Track meets monthly at 9am in the Student Auditorium. EVERYONE is invited, whether you've been to one service or you've been attending The Avenue for several months. Sign up by texting ‘belong’ to 94000 or follow this link to register for the step you will be attending on our events page:

Let's get you plugged in!  Sign-up for Growth Track.